Our Constitution

The Fantasy Orchestra


The Name of the organisation is “The Fantasy Orchestra”, also known as “The Greatness Of The Magnificence Fantasy Orchestra”, or “The GOTHMAG Fantasy Orchestra”, hereafter referred to as “The Orchestra”

The Orchestra is not currently affiliated to any other organisation or body.

To create a community orchestra and choir open to all regardless of age and ability, to entertain and encourage participation in music performance. To update and redefine outmoded concepts such as “audience” and “performer”. To rejuvenate musical works which need large groups to facilitate their performance. To bring large scale musical performance to the streets, the cycle tracks, mountains, lakes, rivers and towns. To share this idea in differse international locations .


There will be one category of membership for The Orchestra

No person shall be refused membership on the grounds of: gender, race, colour, creed, religion or sexual orientation. Positive encouragement will be given to any groups/individuals wanting to play.

There will be no auditions or other requirements for participation.

The minimum age for membership will normally be 16. Younger members may be admitted at the discretion of the committee


The following officers should be annually elected:

Musical Director – Will oversee the booking of performances and rehearsals as well as the arrangements of the music itself
Orchestra Leader – The orchestra leader will take over the duties of the musical director with regards to the orchestra (especially rehearsals) if s/he is unable to fulfill his/her obligation and will follow the guidelines as set forth for the musical director.
Choir Leader – The choir lead will take over the duties of the musical director with regards to the choir if s/he is unable to fulfill his/her obligation and will follow the guidelines as set forth for the musical director.
Chair Person, responsible for organising and running the committee and membership meetings, and ensure that the committee delivers according to the group and their roles.
Treasurer – The Treasurer will collect and disburse all money as approved by the Board and will prepare appropriate financial reports (including a proposed budget).
Membership Secretary – The Secretary will keep records of all meetings of the Board, type the phone list and the calendar, and prepare the announcements.

The following posts are supplementary to the committee and not assigned voting rights

Public Relations Officer – The PR officer will overseeing the distribution of publicity material throughout the various media outlets including radio, the internet, posters and flyers etc.
Rehearsal managers – to make sure rehearsals are properly booked, collect subs and room is left in good condition

The Orchestra shall be a not for profit organisation and may be funded via grant aid, operational budget and other external revenue.

The Orchestra shall have a current bank account. The following officers may authorise payments by cheque or direct credit transfer

Musical Director

An accurate record of finances of The Orchestra shall be kept by the Treasurer and will be available for all reasonable inspection and annual audits.


The Orchestra may make payments to The Musical Director, Orchestra and Choir Leaders and Soloists where appropriate revenue funding is available.
Expenses may be paid to members where funds are available or in cases of hardship at the discretion of the committee.

Levels of payment will be set at each AGM by the committee


The Orchestra may raise income from

An annual membership fee
Subscriptions for rehearsal attendance
Performance Fees
Grants and Awards

Levels of fees and subscriptions will be set at each AGM by the committee


The Orchestra committee will meet as necessary to ensure the continued operation of the Orchestra

Annual General Meeting

An AGM shall be held at approximately 12 monthly intervals. At each AGM the following business shall be conducted:

Officers reports
Adoption of balance of accounts
Election of officers for the forthcoming year
Other matters as specified by the agenda

Items to be included in the agenda must be submitted in writing to the secretary a minimum of 14 days prior to the AGM date.

The Musical Director will cast any “deciding vote”

Notice of the AGM shall be a minimum of 21 days.

The officers shall call an EGM if requested by a minimum of 4 of the committee. Note of such occurrence shall be given at a minimum of 21 days prior to the EGM date.


No Alteration to the constitution will be made unless at an AGM or EGM.

Power of Dissolution

Any resolution to dissolve The Orchestra may be passed at any general meeting provided that:

The secretary receives the terms of the proposed resolution at least 40 days before the meeting at which the resolution is brought forth.
The secretary shall give 21 days notice of proposed resolution in writing to all members.
Such a resolution shall receive the agreement of two thirds of those present and entitled to vote.

Upon dissolution of The Orchestra and after all liabilities are cleared, all material assets shall be divided among the current members


Musical Director

Chair Person

Orchestra Leader

Choir Leader