Upcoming Events

Tues 6 Jan – El Rincon, Navidad Nuestra set (limited orchestra)
Fri 27 feb – Colston Hall Foyer
Sun 5 April – easter concert
Fri 15 May – Bristol Museum
Fri 17 July – Bristol Harbour Festival
Sat 22 Aug – Porter Family Blues Festival
past events:
As the Greatness Of The Magnificence Orchestra
26 Nov 10 Wrestling With Ennio Morricone; Cube Microplex – The Gothmag Orchestra, The Rumble-ohs, Pop Parker
23 Feb 12 The Greatness Of The Magnificence Orchestra plays Morricone, St Georges, Bristol
03 March 12 Greatness Orchestra Plays Morricone, Colston Hall Bristol
29 April 12 Still Looking For Ennio, Cube Microplex

As The Fantasy Orchestra
6th Sept 13 – Bristol Old Vic “Don’t Look Now”
28th Nov 13 – Bristol Spiegel Tent
31st Dec 13 – Cube Cinema – Wildermann Party

26 jan 14 – Roll For The Soul Cafe, Bristol
11 march 14 – the Canteen, Bristol
Fri 4th April – prema art centre uley, gloucestershire
Sun 6th April – the southbank centre, bristol. With The Rumble-Os
Sun 11 may 14 – Trinity Garden PartyBristol
Thurs 19th June – Bristol Museum, “Bowie Night”
Tues 1st July – busking in Paris
Sat 5 July 14 – The Colston Hall, Bristol “A Night At The Movies” with the Gert Lush Choir
thurs 10 july – Rondo Theatre, Bath (Bicycle Tour)
Fri 9 july – Three Horseshoes Pub, Bradford-on-Avon (Bicycle Tour)
Sat 10 july – Frome somewhere(Bicycle Tour)
Sat 19 July – Orchestival, Glastonbury, Somerset, 2pm
Sun 20 July, Bristol Harbour Festival, 5pm
10th-16th August workshops and performance, Jersey
Sat 20 sept – Priston Festival (afternoon)
Sat 11 oct – Bristol Rowing Club Snazzy Party at Kings Weston Country House
Fri 17 oct – The Cube Cinema “Hendrix and Soul “
Sat 18th oct – Pill Music Festival afternoon and evening performances
Sat 6th Decembre – Le Grand Bouillion, Aubervilliers, Paris
Thurs 14 Dec – Espace B (avec MorningStar et Catherine Hershey), Paris
Sun 21st december – The Trinity Bristol “Navidad Nuestra” by Ariel Ramirez (with This Is The Kit)